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Why avast antivirus not insatlling windows 10? Get Instant Solution

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Avast is one of the most widely used antivirus products today. The service connected to the Avast antivirus programme is called avlaunch.exe. why avast antivirus not insatlling window 10 launch component because the programme must be launched automatically.

Avast installation issue as a result gives Avast users’ PCs that are no longer protected, potentially leaving them vulnerable to threats online. The main drawback of Avast installer is that occasionally customers may experience issues with the software failing to install Avast for Windows 10. Then users asked questions like, do I need Avast antivirus on cannot install avast on windows 10 ?

You can use the strategies described in this guide to solve this issue:

Solution 1: Turn off Windows Defender and other antivirus software momentarily.

On your Windows 10 operating system, how to install avast antivirus in windows 10 you must make sure no other antivirus software is installed or running. Because combining two antivirus programmes doesn’t work well.

  1. To begin, press the keyboard shortcut “Win + I” to access “Windows Settings.”
  2. From the remaining choices, select the “Update and Security” option.
  3. Select the “Windows Defender” tab inside of it, and then click “Open Windows Defender Security Center.”
  4. Next, pick “Virus & Threat Protection Settings” from the “Virus & Threat Protection” menu.
  5. In the virus and threat protection settings, you must now uncheck Windows Defender’s “Real-Time Protection” radio button.

Solution 2: Run both SFC and DISM scans.

Sometimes file corruption prevents why avast antivirus not insatlling window 10 from installing on Windows computers. Therefore, if it applies to you as well, you can solve this issue by simply running SFC and DISM scans.

How to Perform an SFC Scan—avast free antivirus

  1. To access the “Windows Search” box, press the keyboard shortcut “Win + S.”
  2. Type “cmd” into its search field, and among the results that appear, click “Run as Administrator.” You’ll be able to open “Command Prompt” as administrator as you proceed.
  3. When command prompts appear, type the command “Sfc/scannow” there, and then press the “Enter” key to execute it.

When you do this, the SFC scan will begin, and it will take about 15 minutes to complete. avast antivirus installer is unable to continue Therefore, be careful not to disrupt it at all during those 15 minutes.

why avast antivirus not insatlling window 10

How to Perform a DISM Scan—

  1. As mentioned in the first section of this method, you must use “Command Prompt” as an administrator in order to conduct DISM Scan.
  2. When the Command Prompt opens, just type “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth” into the box that appears.
  3. To execute the command after inputting it, simply press the “Enter” key.
  4. The DISM scan will now begin, and you must wait patiently (without interfering) for at least 20 minutes, as this DISM scan may take that long.

Solution 3: Turn off Fast Startup.

  1. Press the keyboard shortcut “Win + S” to disable Fast Startup.
  2. Once the “Windows Search box” appears in front of you, type “Power Settings” into its search bar, and then select the “Power & Sleep Settings” option from the list of results that appears.
  3. Next, open the same by clicking on “Additional Power Settings.”
  4. Next, from the menu that appears on the left side of the screen, choose “Choose what the power button does.”
  5. To change options that are not currently available, simply click that option.
  6. Go to that menu and find the “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” option. Uncheck it, then press the “Save changes” button.

We hope that the suggestions in this tutorial will help you resolve the “why avast antivirus not insatlling windows 10” problem.

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