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How to recover yahoo mail password without phone number and email?

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recover yahoo mail password without phone number and email

Without a doubt, Yahoo is the boss when it comes to email management. Yahoo guarantees total user happiness with its exceptional features and first-rate security. But occasionally, things might go wrong, particularly when Yahoo account recovery becomes difficult for some users. They have complaints like:

Can’t get into my yahoo account without phone number.

The biggest worry of most yahoo mail recovery password without phone number and email users is whether or not their accounts can be recovered if users no longer have phone number for yahoo account, backup email address, or have not linked any recovery information to them. Keep reading to learn how to retrieve your Yahoo account without a phone number or email address if it applies to you as well.

Steps for how to reset yahoo password without recovery email and phone number:

How to retrieve Yahoo account without phone number and change your password without using your associated phone number or email address, follow the methods provided:

1. Visit www.yahoo.com

2. In the top-right corner of the screen, click the “Sign in” button.

3. Hit “Next” after entering your login, email address, or mobile number that is connected to your Yahoo account.

4. Click ‘Forgotten Password’ on the page that follows where you must enter your password.

5. If you are asked to authenticate your phone number, select “I don’t have access” from the drop-down menu.

6. Next, you will have the chance to respond to any additional security questions you added while creating your Yahoo account in order to restore your account. If you know the response, enter it and press the “Verify” button. Click “I can’t answer this question” if you don’t know the answer.

7. If you added more than one security question, you can answer the next one without answering the previous one (as I had added 2 security questions to my Yahoo account, so I was getting the option to answer anyone). After entering the security question’s response, click “Verify.”

8. Once you’ve finished, you can change the password for your account. You can then use the new password to log into your Yahoo account after logging out.

The only method by which you will get to know how to get into yahoo mail recovery password without phone number and email without utilizing a recovery email address or phone number.


To learn how to recover a Yahoo email without a phone number or other email address, just follow these easy instructions.

1. Log on to www.yahoo.com first.

2. You must enter your Yahoo account username in order to restore your password.

3. For a successful recovery, reroute to the link “Forgot password.”

4. Enter the email address you want to recover right now.

5. To recover your Yahoo Mail account without a recovery email or phone number, click Submit.

6. Add a fresh Yahoo email address for recovery next.

7. To get a code on your new recovery mail address, click the Submit button.

8. Enter the code that was sent to you in a new email, then click the Submit button.

9. After clicking the Submit button, wait at least 12 hours. Call directly if you don’t get a response by then.

* Get Yahoo Plus Support to recover your account.

Getting live customer help from Yahoo is an additional alternative for recovering your Yahoo account if you have lost access to your phone number or email address and are unable to reset the password. By dialling 800-305-7664, you can reach Yahoo support staff members around-the-clock. There is a catch, though. Only users of Yahoo Plus have access to this option (the paid service of Yahoo).

* Yahoo Social Media Accounts for Support and Help.

Contacting Yahoo help via their social media accounts is your final option for recovering your account if you don’t have a phone number or email address. It is preferable to try something than to become upset over losing access to your Yahoo account, whether or not you hear back from them. I hope this guide will help to find the best way to resolve the issue and that you didn’t face any trouble while following the above process.

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